What is waterborne glass baking resin?

2019-07-11 09:05:18

The water-based glass baking varnish resin is made of modified environmentally-friendly high-grade resin. It can use water as a diluent. It is environmentally friendly and convenient, and meets the national environmental protection requirements. It is convenient to construct, high in safety, low in cost, and high in gloss on the paint film. High hardness, excellent adhesion, strong water resistance and alcohol resistance.

[Scope of application] Applicable to glassware, glass, perfume bottles, wine bottles, crystals, lighting and other products.

  【Construction method】

1. Spray the glass surface, first dilute the product with clean water, the dilution ratio is the weight of the product: clean water = 1: 0.2-0.4; after adding dilution, the recommended viscosity is 15-16 seconds (coating -4 cup, 25 ° C) Stir well, let stand for defoaming, and spray water-based glass baking resin directly.


2. After spraying, the glass workpiece can be placed in the dust-free place for 5 minutes, and then it can be baked in the oven. The temperature is 160°C-180°C, and the time is 15-30 minutes. The specific time is mastered during construction, but the paint film must be completely finished. Cured.

[Packing and storage] is plastic drum, 20KG/barrel; storage period is half a year, stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse, avoiding direct sunlight, transportation and storage temperature is above 5 degrees.

Article from water-based glass baking resin:http://www.canadanadar.com.cn/

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